Tennis Skills

Being Better at Tennis: Tips to Improve your Skills

Being better in tennis and improving your skills in the game is one of the major reasons why begin and attend tennis coaching. Beginners will often find playing tennis a little bit difficult as they may not be fully aware of the right techniques to follow. Understanding the techniques and improving your tennis skills is key to being a professional tennis player.

Athletic Kings, the best tennis academy in Dubai, with our team of experienced and dedicated tennis instructors, helps you in learning everything required to be the best in the game. Today let us take a look at some tips on how to improve your tennis skills.

Tips to Improve Your Tennis Skills

1. Holding the Racket

Understanding the various ways to hold a racket is one of the ways to improve your tennis skills. In tennis, a racket is held mainly in three ways – Eastern, Western, and Continental Grips. Each grip is determined by the part of your hand and the part of the racket held. It is important to note that these three grips should be used by everyone. Most professional players use variations of these grips that suits their game better. However, the most common grip used is the Eastern forehand. Also, when you play a backhand, the grip will be another one, say for an eastern forehand grip, it will be a continental backhand grip. Mastering these grips and being able to use all of them with ease helps you be better at tennis.

2. Footwork

Seldom can you stay idle during a match of tennis? You will be forced to run up and down the court and from left to right and vice-versa all throughout the game. It is one of the reasons why the special emphasis is laid on bettering your footwork during tennis coaching. You should make sure that you stay on your toes so that you are ready to chase the ball down. Also, don’t sprint too close towards the ball as you may not be able to generate any power while hitting. Be at a position where you can hit the ball with a straight hand. As you near the ball, take short steps as it will help you be in the perfect position to play the ball.

3. Swing

How you swing the racket determines the power and direction of your shots. One of the best techniques to follow is to hit from “low to high”. This technique can be applied both to forehands and backhands. As you get ready to hit the approaching ball, turn slightly to the side as you bring the racket back. In one smooth motion bring the racket from low to high to hit the ball back. 

4. Warm-up

Warm-ups help you loosen your muscles and be ready for the game ahead of you. The instructors at the tennis academy in Dubai teach you effective ways to warm up and be fit for the match. You can also hit the tennis court with your coach or partner and hit the ball slowly back and forth to get a feel of the ball.

5. Practice

Regular tennis coaching and practice at a reputed tennis academy is the simplest way to hone your tennis skills. Regular practice and training help you improve your physical and mental skills and be better at judging the ball and playing your shots.

These are some of the tips to improve your tennis skills. At Athletic Kings, we provide quality tennis training that helps you be the best in the game. Enroll with us now!