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Improving your Tennis Game – Tips that Help you be Better

How many times have you wished to be able to play tennis just like your favourite stars? You may hit your training court with the same desire but may end up being on the losing side. No matter how hard you try, you may not find it easy to win matches. It tells nothing but that you need to improve your tennis game.

Improving your tennis game may not bring you the desired result overnight. However, by following the right techniques and combining them with the perfect training can help you improve your game and win matches. Here are a few tips from the expert instructors at Athletic Kings that helps you improve your tennis game:

1. Hit and be Ready

One of the things you cannot do while during a tennis game is sending a smash flying to the other side of the court and marvelling the shot. The more time you spend getting ready for the next shot, the less time you have to make the shot. If you closely watch the matches of the professionals, you could find that they get ready for the next shot midway through attempting the previous shot. Always remember to get back into position at the earliest to play the next shot with ease.

2. Keep your head still

An important factor that contributes to playing tennis better is hand-eye coordination. You should be able to see the tennis ball all the way through if you wish for the best point of contact between the tennis racquet and the ball. If you are mistiming your shots, it may be because you are pulling out your eyes at the last moment, either by lifting or moving your head. Make sure that your head is still and that you can see the ball till it hits your racquet. It also helps in improving your balance and consistency.

3. Follow the correct Technique

While practising tennis at Athletic Kings, you will be trained on the correct techniques to follow. Make sure that you follow the same techniques while in a tennis match. The chances are high that you may mistake or do not control a shot that was there to be hit easy. Never rue the chances you missed, but tell yourself that you are not going to make that same mistake again and play the shot in the technique you are trained in.

4. Warm-up

Never hit the tennis court for a match without a proper warm-up. Tennis is a sport that requires hitting and running all the time you are in the game. If you are not warming up, your muscles and joints may be stiff. Engaging in warm-ups like stretching for a few minutes can help in loosening up the muscles and help you run up and down, left and right with ease.

These are some of the best tips you can follow to improve your tennis game. For expert advice and expert training sessions to perfect your game, visit the best and popular Tennis Academy in Dubai. Contact us now!