Tennis Serves

The Types of Tennis Serves

A tennis match begins with a serve, or service, which is the first shot towards playing for a point. A serve is an important shot, which when mastered perfectly can become a potent weapon to win points, sets, and ultimately the match. It is also the only shot where you have complete control over the speed, control, and timing.

Tennis rules permit four types of serves to be used in amateur and professional matches. They are:

  1. Flat Serve
  2. Slice Serve
  3. Kick Serve
  4. Underhand Serve

Of these four types, the Underhand Serve is seldom used in a professional match or practice. It is used mainly by young children during their tennis lessons, to get a feel of the shot. Let us take a closer look into the types of serves:

1. The Flat Serve

The Flat Serve is the most popular serves with professional tennis players. The key to a perfect flat serve is power. It is played with a Continental or Eastern grip. Even though it may be difficult to master the flat serve, it offers the highest probable chances of getting an ace. Flat serve uses minimal to no swing, and the ball tends to stay low after hitting the ground and follows more or less the same direction. The more the power of your serve, the faster it will reach your opponent, giving them less time to react and miss or commit a mistake.

2. The Slice Serve

The perfect Slice Serve also offers a good chance of an ace, which makes it important to master it. The serve is played with a Continental or European backhand grip. In a Slice Serve, the ball will be brushed across on the racquet. The side of the ball brushed will depend on the dominant hand of the player. If he is right-handed, the right side of the ball will be brushed and if he is left-handed, it will be the left side of the ball. A Slice Serve by a right-handed player will be played with sidespin that makes the ball spin to the left and continue the same direction after bouncing off the court.

3. The Kick Serve 

The Kick Serve is a popular serve and often the second serve of most players. Mastering the Kick Serve is also a difficult task, however, mastering it can provide you with a clear advantage over your opponent. One of the best things about Kick Serve is that it provides you with complete control over the shot and attacks your opponent’s weakness. To attempt the Kick Serve, the ball is tossed up over the head and the racquet meets it at a 7 o’clock and 1 o’clock position. Topspin will be applied to the ball and it will bounce up to the opponent

4. The Underhand Serve

The Underhand Serve is seldom used in a professional game of tennis, except if the server wants to surprise his opponent.

These are the different types of tennis serves. Perfecting the serves is important to gain an upper hand over your opponent and with the perfect tennis instructors, you can master all the serves. At Athletic Kings, the top-rated tennis academy in Dubai, we have a team of dedicated and passionate tennis instructors who can provide you with the best tennis lessons.

Practicing tennis serves under an experienced tennis instructor will help you follow the correct technique and play the perfect serve. Also, with expert guidance, it can be made sure that the risk of injuries is minimized while practicing. Book your class with the best tennis academy in Dubai.