Why Athletic Kings?

Tennis training with expert trainers is the best way to master all the techniques, perfect your technique, and be a professional tennis player. While you enroll with a tennis training academy, make sure that they can be trusted, their trainers are certified and professional, and help you achieve your goals.

Athletic Kings, one of Dubai’s most popular tennis academies, is the tennis training academy that you can choose for training and honing your tennis skills. Be it a Personal Tennis Trainer or the best Tennis Court in Dubai, we provide some amazing facilities that help you stay on top of the game. What helps us stay apart from the other tennis academies in Dubai are a few highlights and features that we can call our own.

Why Athletic Kings?

Below are some of the unique features that Athletic Kings can proudly brag about:

1. Professional Hard Court Surface

As you are aware, there are four different types of courts in tennis, namely clay courts, grass courts, blue courts, and hard courts. At Athletic Kings, we have one of the best tennis courts in Dubai, a professional hard court. It helps provide you with a much-needed feel of court and mold you for a professional game of tennis.

2. Extensive Tennis Coaching

Athletic Kings is serious about tennis and we wish to help everyone who enrolls with us aspiring to be a professional tennis player achieve their dreams. We have extensive and comprehensive tennis coaching programs designed for all age groups and professional levels.

3. Tennis Sessions and Club Events

Whether it is to get to know more about tennis or to try a hand in a competitive game, you can be a part of the social and competitive sessions and club events hosted at and by Athletic Kings. You can experience first-hand the competitive nature of tennis tournaments in Dubai, be a part of it, and get ready for a major tennis tournament in your life.

4. Associated with UAE Tennis Federation

Athletic Kings have a professional association with the UAE Tennis Federation, making it easier for you to be part of professional tennis tournaments in Dubai. With us, you can get the much-needed experience for playing in the big tournaments.

5. Professional Coaches

At Athletic Kings, tennis training is provided by expert and certified coaches. Our male and female coaches are highly professional and capable to hone your skills and technique. They make sure that your grip, posture, and technique are perfect so that any risk of injuries and sprains is greatly reduced. You can also avail of the services of our personal tennis trainers.

6. Ladies only Sessions

Ladies can make use of our ladies only sessions with experienced and professional female coaches. These sessions can ensure that ladies get the best personal training in tennis and help them stay fit and energetic.

These are some of the unique features of Athletic Kings that make us a class apart from the other tennis training academies. Other of our features include an exclusive and gated private club and being a shaded tennis court in Dubai. Enroll with us and get the best training in tennis to become a professional player.