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Understanding the Rules of Tennis

Playing tennis may seem to be an easy enough task to the untrained eye. However, those who follow the game would understand that tennis is not just about hitting the ball to and fro. Just like all the other sports, tennis is about winning the game against your opponent. In order to make sure that you are playing a perfect game of tennis, you would need to know about the various rules of the game that help save you many valuable points.

First Serve

The first serve is decided by the flip of a coin known as toss. The player or the team that wins the toss will decide who will serve first. The team or player that loses the toss will decide on which side of the court they wish to play first. The first serve of each game will be done from the right side of the court to the diagonal side of the court.

Racquet and Ball

The racquet and the ball are two of the most important pieces of equipment in tennis. The dimensions of a tennis racquet are as follows:

  • Length of the frame should not be more than 32 inches
  • Width of the handle should be under 12.5 inches
  • Overall length of the surface should not exceed 15.5 inches and width should not exceed 11.5 inches

When it comes to the ball, mostly yellow coloured balls are used for tennis tournaments. There is also a practice of using white tennis balls occasionally.


In order to win a game, a player must score four points. The points start at 0 (Love) and the next point is 15 (1 point). After that comes 30 (2 points) and 40 (3 points). Winning a point after 40 will win you the game. If both the players have reached 40 each, it is called a deuce. The winner in such a scenario will be the one who wins by two points.

Game and Set

Winning four points will win the player the game. Six games comprise a set. The player who wins six games, with at least a two-point lead over their opponent, will win the set. If both the players have won six games each, a tie-break will be played. The player who is the first to reach 7 points wins. A tennis match will be a best of three or best of five. The player who wins 2 or 3 sets respectively will be the champion.

Other Important Rules

  • If the ball lands on or inside the lines on the court, the ball will be in. If the ball touches the ground outside of the line, then it will be out.
  • If the player who attempts the first serve is not able to play the ball correctly or keep the ball in, then they will have the advantage of a second serve. If the second serve is also out, then the player will lose the point.
  • When a serve is hit, the ball hits the net but goes to the service area, then the player can retake the serve. If the ball hits the net but fails to go to the service area, the point will be lost.

These are some of the most important rules to keep in mind while playing a game of tennis. Athletic Kings is one of Dubai’s most reliable tennis training academies. With a dedicated team of experienced coaches and tennis instructors, and quality courts, we make sure that you are able to master the various techniques of the sport.