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Dusan Tesovic

Dusan Tesovic
Nationality: Serbian

Age: 41

Tennis biography:

-1993 became the best player U12 in Western Serbia region;
-1995 Won the second place on the National Championship of
Yugoslavia U14;
-1997 Won the first place on the National Championship of Serbia U16;
-2001 Played professional tournaments (futures series);
-2001-2005 Won 3 times the University Championship of Belgrade.

Work experience:

2007-2016 Head coach in “TK Lucani” in Lucani, Western Serbia;
2008-2016 Head coach and scout for most talented tennis players in
Western Serbia U14 under the flag of Serbian Tennis Federation;
2016- present; coach in “Athletic Kings” in Dubai.
Education and training:

2006 -Teacher of Physical Education and Sport; University of Belgrade;
2008 -Tennis Coach licence “C”; Serbian Tennis Federation

2010 -Sanchez-Casal Academy tennis seminar in Belgrade
2013 Nick Bollettieri Academy tennis seminar in Krusevac

Job-related skills:

Good at organizing work with large group of students. I am good at lot
of sports and I have necessary knowledge that I can use to solve the
problems and plan the training. I can recognize student’s possibilities
and therefore adequately adopt exercise.
In the individual work I rely on persistence and calmness I use my
knowledge in psychology to find the motive which I can use to get the
maximum from the student.

Favorite tennis type of play:

Base liner
Favorite player:
Novak Djokovic
Favorite thing to do:
Do Nothing

Something different that I have:
I can stay always calm