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Head Coach

Marko Viestica

Marko Vjestica
Nationality: Serbian

Age: 41
Tennis biography:

-1991 at the age of 10 represented his club in Serbia in national
events as a junior
-1993 played finals Pozarevac open U12
-1999 1st place Pancevo open U18
-2002 2nd place university championship of Belgrade
-2004 played 1st league of Serbia

Work experience:
2009-2010 Coach in “TK Gem” in Pozarevac, Serbia
2010-2015 Coach in “TK Top Spin” in Pozarevac, Serbia
2015-present Head coach in “Athletic Kings Tennis Club”
Education and training:

2006-Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, University of
Belgrade, Serbia
2010- Tennis Coach licence “C” ; Serbian Tennis Federation
2016- GreatBase tennis seminar

2018-World Mastery by Toni Nadal

Job-related skills:

Experienced in designing and monitoring exercise programs based
on client needs, goals and abilities. Energetic and motivating,
always encouraging clients to reach maximum performance.
Excellent pedagogical skills and strong understanding of the
psychology of the children. Patient while working with young
children. Objective and authoritative, but also approachable.
Favorite tennis type of play:

All around play
Favorite player:
Novak Djokovic

Favorite thing to do:
Spend time with my family

Something different that I have:
Good teamwork and quick learner