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Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts and Playing Tennis – the Differences

Tennis, as a sport, is ever-increasing in popularity. One can enjoy playing tennis with family and friends as a leisure activity or one can play tennis professionally. The benefits that tennis provides is immense, which makes it one of the best sports known to man. Playing and practicing tennis at the best tennis club in Dubai helps you improve your skills and be a better player.

Tennis is played on courts and there are mainly four different types of tennis courts, namely, grass courts, hard courts, clay courts, and carpet or synthetic courts. However, in professional tournaments, only the former three courts are used. Another categorization of courts is indoor courts and outdoor courts. Apart from the fact that indoor courts will be covered, there are a few differences between the two and the style of tennis played. Let us take a look:

  • Speed – Playing on outdoor courts can have a great influence on the way we play. While playing on outdoor courts, many factors like the wind and moisture can affect the speed of the ball. So, if you are a person who has practiced tennis on Indoor / Shaded Tennis Courts in Dubaiindoor tennis courts in Dubai, you will have to adjust your game accordingly. You will have to develop a new playing strategy that suits the slower conditions better. As, while playing indoors, the wind or sun will have no effect on the ball, the ball will travel faster than on an outdoor court.
  • Wind – Another factor that determines the style of play outdoors and indoors is wind. While playing indoors, you won’t be affected in any way by the natural wind. However, by playing outdoors, the speed and direction of the wind can influence ball movement and your way of playing. You will have to play more short and flatter strokes that are more effective in windy conditions than playing with a swing. Playing in indoor private tennis courts in Dubai helps you play tennis in the best way possible.
  • Sun – Another factor that the players playing tennis on outdoor courts need to take into consideration is the sun. Playing under the sun for long periods of time will cause fatigue and tiredness. You will have to hydrate yourselves, be in the shade as much time as you can, and employ all measures that help in reducing fatigue and conserving energy. While playing indoors, the sun will have no effect on the players.

These are some of the differentiating factors of indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Though outdoor tennis courts have been the most popular among tennis players, indoor courts are gradually gaining prominence due to protecting the players from the harsh environmental conditions. If you are looking for the best indoor tennis court in Dubai for tennis practice, you can visit Athletic Kings.

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