Group Tennis Lessons in Dubai

Fun-filled Experience with Group Tennis Sessions at Athletic Kings

Being in a group and doing things as a group is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. It helps us to understand people better and form new relationships, thereby widening our social circle. The same applies to tennis training sessions. How fun-filled would it be if we get to train in groups, with our best buddies or family?

Group Tennis lessons in Dubai, offered by Athletic Kings, is a great way to receive the best tennis training all the while having an enjoyable time. Athletic Kings is the best tennis academy in Dubai, thanks to a team of highly experienced tennis coaches, professional courts, extensive tennis coaching, and more. You can know more about why enroll at Athletics Kings here.

Group tennis sessions in Dubai helps you train and understand the various aspects and techniques of tennis. As tennis is a sport that anyone can train in, irrespective of gender, age, or any other criteria, you can easily train with your parents, colleagues, and friends. The reasons are many as to why you should enroll in group tennis lessons in Dubai. Let us take a look:

Why Group Tennis with Athletic Kings?

  1. Stay Motivated

Group training helps you to be motivated as you would want to impress the others in your group, be it your parents, friends, or co-workers. This could prompt you to go the extra mile and master the various techniques of tennis. Group tennis lessons in Dubai helps you be a better tennis player in all respects.

2. Better Bonding

No matter whether you are practicing with your parents, friends, or your colleagues, group tennis sessions in Dubai offer you the best chance to form better relationships. By training as a group, you can learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of your partners, what they like and dislike, among many other things. Building better relationships can help you a lot in the long run.

3. Better and Interactive Play

Group tennis lessons in Dubai offers a chance to experience better and interactive play. Tennis training in a group better suits people who consider tennis as a recreational sport rather than take it up professionally. Being in group tennis training at the best tennis academy in Dubai helps you enjoy more fun-filled times.

4. Better Facilities

Athletic Kings is the best tennis academy in Dubai for a reason. We are immensely proud of our well-experienced and certified tennis instructors. Our coaches have the experience required to cater to the training needs of the different people in the group. We also boast of the best and professional court surface that can provide you with the best tennis experience.

These are some of the benefits of group tennis sessions in Dubai. Be the best in tennis and widen your social circle with group tennis training by experienced coaches at Athletic Kings, the best tennis academy in Dubai. Enroll us for quality tennis training programs today. We offer Private, Semi-Private, Group, Corporate, Cardio, and Ladies training sessions.

The details of our much sought after group tennis lessons are as follows:

  • Members – Group tennis sessions are held for groups having at least 3 and up to 5 members
  • Duration – There are two training durations for the group tennis training program – 60 minutes and 90 minutes
  • Pricing – Group training session of 60 minutes costs AED 130 per class. A group session of 90 minutes costs AED 195 per class. All prices are for a package of a minimum of five classes.