Corporate Tennis Classes in Dubai

Stay Fit, Healthy, and Productive with Corporate Tennis at Athletic Kings

The corporate world is filled with competition, stress, anxiety, deadlines, and many other things. No matter whether you have been an employee for just a couple of years or around a decade, the nature of your work hardly changes. With each passing day, we are under more stress and pressure, and often our work life seems to be colorless, mundane, and boring.

With the intent of helping their employees vent off the stress and pressure of work, many companies have adopted weekend fun sessions that include games and other activities. Thanks to these sessions, employees are able to relax and clear their mind of stressful thoughts. These activities, however, do little to help an employee be physically fit and strong.

If you are looking for activities that can help in ensuring the physical and mental well-being of an employee, it is time to try out Corporate Tennis sessions. Tennis is one of the most highly regarded sports that provides an array of health benefits to practitioners. With Corporate Tennis in Dubai, you can help your employees stay fit, healthy, and productive at work.

Athletic Kings, the most trusted tennis academy in Dubai, offers quality tennis training sessions for corporates. Our tennis coaching in Dubai is second to none and we have a team of certified and experienced tennis coaches. Our corporate tennis in Dubai programs is designed to provide each employee with a quality time of fun, relaxation, and training in tennis.

So, what makes our corporate tennis sessions the best option for your employees? Let us take a look at some of the features of our Corporate Tennis Clinic:

  • Better Team Activity – Weekend fun sessions could either be group activities or individual activities. Taking part in a team activity can promote better teamwork capabilities and understanding between members. The coaching sessions of Athletic Kings for corporate tennis in Dubai are designed as group activities. A session will include 4 players training in tennis and understanding its various techniques. These sessions will build better relationships between your employees that can lead to better productivity and business growth.
  • Weekly Sessions – Get ready for an awesome week ahead or vent off the stress and anxiety of the week gone by with weekly matches and training sessions. The weekly training sessions will be conducted by experienced tennis instructors. Our corporate tennis coaching in Dubai ensures that each employee gets to train the best way in the various techniques of tennis. Through our training sessions, their physical and mental capabilities and skills will be boosted.
  • Advertise your Brand – Wishing to make your brand name be known to many more? Well, then being a part of our corporate tennis in Dubai sessions would be helpful. Corporates that become a part of our corporate tennis program will get t-shirts branded with their own logo and space for other ads, for each of the employees who train with us. We are a tennis academy in Dubai that helps both your employees and your brand to grow and develop.

These are some of the exciting features of corporate tennis coaching in Dubai at Athletic Kings. Athletic Kings also provide many other training programs for all age groups and genders. It is one of the reasons why Athletic Kings is the most sought after tennis academy in Dubai. Be a part of corporate tennis in Dubai with Athletic Kings.

Corporate Tennis Coaching Timing – 11 AM to 12 PM on all Fridays

Corporate Tennis Matches Timing – 12 PM to 1 PM on all Saturdays

Pricing – AED 16000 per year