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All About Tennis Racquet

Attending tennis classes at the most reputed tennis club in Dubai will not be possible without a racquet. The racquet is one of the most important tennis gear as it is with which we hit the ball. There are many types and brands of tennis racquets available, however, all of them should follow some standard measurements and specifications. Here is all you need to know about tennis racquets while learning tennis at the private tennis academy in Dubai.

The Tennis Racquet Specs


The head of a tennis racquet is the area where we can find the string attached to the frame of the racquet. The head size refers to the total area of the strings and the frame of the racquet. The Head size of a tennis racquet is usually measured in square inches (sq. in). To become a better tennis player, it is important to understand the importance of head size. The bigger the head size, the more power you will be able to generate, and you will have more control with racquets of smaller head size. The head size considered standard today is 100 sq. in. Head size anywhere between 98 – 102 sq. in can work well with most tennis players.


The sweet spot refers to the area of a racquet head that offers more consistency and power to the shot. In each racquet, the sweet spot is at the center of the strung area. However, the size of the sweet spot may vary from racquet to racquet as it depends on the head size, the head shape, and the grommet design. If you have a racquet with a bigger sweet spot area, you will be less troubled by off-center shots and experience better consistency. 

  • Head Size – If the head size of a racquet is bigger, so will be the sweet spot. With bigger sweet spots, you needn’t always make sure that the ball hits the exact center for a consistent shot. However, if the head size is smaller, the ball should hit the center of the racquet.
  • Head Shape – If the racquet’s head is in an oval shape, the vertical strings, which are the main strings, of the racquet will be elongated. This contributes to a larger sweet spot.
  • Grommet Design – Grommet is the holes on the frame of the head through which the string is fed. Racquets with more string movement on the center will offer more consistency even for off-center shots, thereby increasing the area of the sweet spot.


The weight refers to the total weight of the racquet. The racquets available today are lighter in weight compared to old racquets as better materials are used. If you play with a heavy racquet, you will have a stable frame and be in a better position to receive and send powerful shots. If you play with a light racquet, you will need only less strength to swing the racquet. The weight of a racquet is measured either in grams (g) or ounces (oz). The weight considered as average nowadays is 300 gms or 10.6 oz. Racquets more than 310 gms (11 oz) are heavy racquets and anything below 285 gms (10 oz) is light.


Balance is the distribution of weight across the racquet. A racquet can have its weight distributed equally across the head and the handle or have more weight on the head if its head is heavy or have more weight on the handle if its head is light. By using a racquet with more weight on its head, you can play more powerful shots, while more weight on the handle offers more control. Balance is measured in millimeters (mm) or centimeters (cm) and calculated from the handle end of the racquet. For a standard racquet of 690 mm or 69 cm length, the measurements are as follows:

  • Perfectly balanced – 345 mm or 34.5 cm
  • Head heavy – more than 345 mm or 34.5 cm
  • Headlight – less than 345 mm or 34.5 cm


Another important specification of a tennis racquet is the string pattern. There are vertical (main) and horizontal (cross) strings. The standard string pattern is 16/19, which means that there are 16 vertical strings and 19 horizontal strings. Racquets with a lesser number of strings (16/18) offer more power and spin, while the higher the number of strings (18/20), the greater control and less spin. 

These are some of the important tennis racquet specifications you need to know. Athletic Kings, the reputed private tennis academy in Dubai offers the best tennis training to people of all ages. With a team of highly qualified tennis coaches and private courts, we are highly regarded as the best tennis club in Dubai. Contact us now!